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3 stops and home

After a few changes I am finally on a train bound for Paddington. I’m attempting to write this here blog entry from my phone seeing as I have access to power and were getting more 3G signal the closer we get to London. As you might well imagine, if you’ve seen the coverage on TV…

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Day 1

I’m all for music in the shower. The louder the better. Last night, however, took the biscuit. From about 6.00 the drizzle set in and never quite made it to a full blown storm and there it stayed until the early hours. I heard several mentions of the Peter Kay quote about fine rain that…

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I was up at 4.30 this morning. Once again I feel cheated out of the 15 minutes sleep I should have had before the alarm went off. There are karma points to be had though, because the alarm didn’t go off and I didn’t wake the whole snappy household. That would have made me one…

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For your listening pleasure, here is a recording straight off the radio, of the launch of the very first Space Shuttle that was numbered STS-1. NASA are just about to launch the final Shuttle in to orbit, numbered┬áSTS-135, on July 8th, so I thought this would be a good way to remember how far they’ve…

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Brian Haw

Brian Haw, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. On the 22nd November 2008 I took a long walk along the Thames armed with my Holga loaded with some black and white film. The Holga is regarded as a toy camera, is notoriously flakey and renowned for it’s double exposures. I took a few snaps along my journey….

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19144, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. Ever the early adopter I took the opportunity of the extra time that unemployment affords you to take a ride on one of Boris’s bikes. Having worked for the last 6 months over in Holland Park I found myself just outside of useful reach of the bike zone. This resulted…

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It only seems like a few months ago that I was writing this and now I find myself writing a similar blog post. Last week I was made redundant once again, which quite frankly is a bit of a pain in the arse. One of the reasons I moved to this company was because I…

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Just below the Shuttle

Just below the Shuttle, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. There’s me, just below the Shuttle on the Wired.co.uk homepage. Read more here www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-05/3/geekdad-discovers-…

Mercury Freedom 7

A long time ago there was a cupboard in a curious little boy’s bedroom. It was a cupboard that contained technology from a bygone era and media to match. I remember when my Dad let me loose on his reel to reel tape player, about the same time as I got my first tape recorder….

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I am that guy

When I was about 18 or 19 I had the best evening job of them all. I was a steward at Wembley Arena, the venue of giants, or the smaller ones at least. What a coup! I got paid minimum wage to tell people to stop smoking and not to stand in the aisle during…

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