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Brian Haw

Brian Haw, originally uploaded by mistersnappy.

On the 22nd November 2008 I took a long walk along the Thames armed with my Holga loaded with some black and white film. The Holga is regarded as a toy camera, is notoriously flakey and renowned for it’s double exposures. I took a few snaps along my journey. As the river passes the Houses of Parliament I took a detour to see the peace camp Brian Haw made opposite our seat of government in Parliament Square. I nervously approached him not knowing if he’d be happy to have his photograph taken by another passer by but my request met with silent approval and a feint but gracious smile following my thanks.

Brian was campaigning for the fair treatment of peoples overseas who were victims of unjust regimes and invading forces. I may not have agreed with all of his politics but you can’t help but admire a man willing to sacrifice everything he had and everything he was to fight for what he believed. He remained campaigning from 2001 until recently when ill health forced him to seek treatment in Europe.

Brian Haw died today after a long fight with cancer.

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mistersnappy • June 19, 2011

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