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Only a couple of weeks to go now. I’ve finally managed to get the WordPress app working on my iPhone. So batteries permitting I’m all set to be blogging from my tent.

Geek Dad

Fitting photography around a family, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. I’ve just submitted my first entry for wired.co.uk’s Geek Dad blog. I’ll be attempting to write a weekly piece about dads and technology while adding my own spin on things. The first article was about my (bad) habit for hoarding old film cameras. You can read…

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Ready Steady Go

Ready Steady Go, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. Up up and away!

Am I really that old?

We had the radio on during the kids’ pre bedtime ¬†shower the other day. I think it was 70’s & 80’s hour on Absolute Radio or something. My eldest likes her music, she’s 8. I’ve tried to educate her as best i can. We went to Glastonbury together a few years ago, did I mention…

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Passover Fact 8

Passover Fact 8, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. You may think, having looked at all of these photos and read the ramblings that Passover is all about food. Actually this isn’t the case, it’s just that the food seems to take over your every waking thought. From not being able to have your usual breakfast to…

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Passover Fact 7

Passover Fact 7, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. This is a poorly cooked Matzah Brei, cooked by me. It’s now day 7 and we are truly fed up of Matzah so we’ve got to find a new way to present these food stuffs that have less nutrition than the box they came in. So what do…

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Passover Fact 6

Passover Fact 6, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. On the first two days of Passover we partake in a family evening meal accompanied by a religious service where we recall the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt. Well at least when there are parents present. When we all pile round to friends houses it…

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Passover Fact 5

There should be a picture with this but it’s friends and family only… sorry! Anyhoo, fact 5 is a positive one and there’s food involved! One of the good things about Passover is that it often falls across the Easter bank holiday weekend and this means and good old family outing, complete with picnic. Just…

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Passover Fact 4

Passover Fact 4, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. I would loosely describe this as a pizza, but it’s the best we can muster over the Passover period. Just so you know, that’s Matzah (again!), kosher for Passover tomato ketchup with some cheese on top and it briefly visited the grill for a melt too. It wasn’t…

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Passover Fact 3

Passover Fact 3, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. Having a Passover packed lunch for work isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can have all your usual stuff, even a few squeezy cheeses in silver foil. The only difference is you have to take half a dozen Matzahs to fill you up for the rest of the…

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