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Day 1

I’m all for music in the shower. The louder the better. Last night, however, took the biscuit. From about 6.00 the drizzle set in and never quite made it to a full blown storm and there it stayed until the early hours. I heard several mentions of the Peter Kay quote about fine rain that gets you really wet (doesn’t all rain get you wet?) but over the following 7 hours I might have been standing in a shower fully clothes the soaking that I got! To offset the apalling weather and the increasing pools of mud (and whatever else is mixed in with it) there was the music.

First I ventured up to tThe Park to see radiohead. They were a surprise act and rumours were abound that it might be Keane or even Toploader, heaven forbid! It was rammed up there and Radiohead didn’t disappoint. A quick jog back down to the Pyramid via the chip stand and next up was U2. They were OK but not amazing. They trundled through their hits like troopers in the rain. The visuals started out well, looked like they were done by Damien Hurst but these faded out to be replaced by shots of the live show as their set wore on. At least I can say that I’ve seen the live now.

I foundĀ a use for the backstage access. Running from The Pyramid to The Other Stage to see Primal Scream. This is where I should have been. They were awesome. A good half hour of jumping aboutĀ  like a loon followed by the muddy walk back to the tent to dry off and attempt sleep.

Who knows what today will hold…

mistersnappy • June 25, 2011

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