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This is what happens… You’re talking about nothing in particular with your kids and they see something online, like a fake Superman poster for the new film ‘Man of Steel‘, and they say, ‘that’s a funny name for a film, they should do one for SpongeBob SquarePants called Man of Sponge’. So I say, ‘I…

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About Lakrisal

I just got back from a weekend in Iceland with Mrs Snappy and some friends. What an amazing place. Incredible sites to see and things to eat. A weekend is just not enough time and we only explored a tiny corner of the country. Perhaps we will return once more to explore that strange land….

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Bye bye Bush

A few memories of Bush House can be read here.


I worked in Shoreditch once before having left the BBC for the glamour of the outside world. We were tucked a little way up Kingsland Road and I’d not really been around this neck of East London before. Unusually I explored the local area very little and never really got tha familiary with anything other than…

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I done another sneaky blog post elsewhere.

Oh blog of mine! I’ve not been ignoring you. I’ve just been super busy. I’ve also knocked a quick review blog post out over here while you weren’t looking!   UPDATE: I just got promoted to the main Wired GeekDad page here!  

I done a blog somewhere else.

On occasion I have been know to blog in other places. This is one of those occasions. I have written a brief obituary to the BBC staff newspaper (actually printed on paper for 75 years) Ariel, which will now only appear in a digital format.   Read it here. http://terminallydisappointed.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/ariel-an-obituary/


I’m sure you are all eager to know the result of my short lived tête à tête with Swizzels Matlow was. I’m pleased to report that it was mostly positive. A Saturday or two ago I was awoken by the postman trying to squeeze an overly large package through the front door. I rushed to…

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An open letter of complaint to Swizzels-Matlow

Dear Messers Swizzel and Matlow I have just opened one of your Swizzels-Matlow Double Lollies Dip. I was quite enjoying a bit of retro sweet goodness when I happened upon across a sugar encrusted long brunette hair, not the sort of thing you expect to find in an item of confection. I am positive that…

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Did you think I’d forgotten about you, interwebs?

You always have time for a bit of social networking right? Especially when you’re working on the interwebs? Wrong. When you’re working so hard that your kids forget what you look like it seems that my old pals Facebook and Twitter are taking a bit of  a back seat! It’s been a while since I…

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Glastonbury 2011- The Photos!

Glastonbury 2011, a set on Flickr. I’ve had a shower but not completely unpacked or caught up with sleep. Here are the photos from the weekend though…

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