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I worked in Shoreditch once before having left the BBC for the glamour of the outside world. We were tucked a little way up Kingsland Road and I’d not really been around this neck of East London before. Unusually I explored the local area very little and never really got tha familiary with anything other than the walk from the station to the studio. Since I’ve been working here (am I’m back there again) I’ve had more of a chance to wander the streets and appreciate the locale a little more and I’ve grown quite attached to the place. However many times I venture out with work colleagues for a lunchtime stroll there’s always something new to discover or do.

Redchurch Street is home to a variety of artist exhibitions, galleries, pop up shops and the obligatory street art. All of these things change in a fantastically organic way. I’m sure even the street art tours that we laugh about so much see something new every time they pound the alley-ways of the Boundary Estate with their gullible charges. Virtually on our doorstep is bustling Brick Lane, home to a fine selection of Bagels and coffees, leading to the Truman Brewery and then the recently gentrified Spitalfields Market which perfectly serves the cross section of workers from both finance districts of Liverpool Street and the City and the pixel mines of Hoxton and it’s environs.  Our local streets also provide a place to play some basketball or table tennis during lunchtime, grab a (not so) quick drink after work or more importantly somewhere to meet up with the missus for a quiet meal.

It’s totally different from where I live, grew up or where I’ve worked before and when I’m not working there I miss that dimension to my working week that provides inspiration and creativity (try having Westfield as your local go to place at lunchtimes!). I’m amused that some people find it grubby and fail to see the attraction so I’m happy for it to remain my own week time sanctuary for the time being. Hopefully I’ll get to stay here a little longer this time.

As for now, well, now I’m on a train to Leeds for the day, hanging off of someone else’s tethered 3G connection, probably slowing down his own internet connectivity. It’s nice to get out of the ‘ditch but I’m sure there will be something new to see on Monday.

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mistersnappy • July 13, 2012

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