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An open letter of complaint to Swizzels-Matlow

Dear Messers Swizzel and Matlow

I have just opened one of your Swizzels-Matlow Double Lollies Dip. I was quite enjoying a bit of retro sweet goodness when I happened upon across a sugar encrusted long brunette hair, not the sort of thing you expect to find in an item of confection.
I am positive that this object was already in the packet before opening for two reasons, firstly I caught it on the lolly after several dips. It was evenly covered in sherbet, not what I would expect if it had just dropped in. Secondly, and more importantly, the last time I had a hair that long to drop in my food was in about 1992, things have been a little thin and cut short up there since then.
Being a man of a certain age blessed with a sweet tooth I am quite a fan of your sweet products but I feel a little disappointed on this occasion to find that the quality doesn’t live up to the qualityI expect from Swizzels-Matlow.
I have place the aforementioned item in a plastic bag and am storing it just incase you require any evidence of my claim. I trust that you will consider my complaint carefully and find a way to restore my faith in the quality of products and cleanliness of your production line that might, say, involve a large box of sweets or a voucher of a reasonable value.
Feel free to contact me at the details listed above if you require any further details of this awful incident.

Simon (40)




‘Lost in the post’ isn’t a phrase that you hear that often but it seems that my delightfully crafted message that was submitted through the Swizzels Matlow website went missing. I subsequently emailed my linguistic gift to them and got the following reply almost immediately.

My beautifully crafted complaint seemed to have been lost on them but I will be sending them the offending item in their SAE for examination. I trust that they will do a full DNA test on the hair but will have to excuse the sticky lolly enclosed.

I will await their results with baited breath, toothpaste and floss.


Dear Simon

Thank you for your e-mail received today.  We are very sorry that you have had cause for complaint about the Double Dip you purchased recently.

Unfortunately we are not in receipt of your original e-mail, however, in order to progress this matter as soon as possible, could you please forward your full mailing address so that we can send you  a Freepost envelope for return of the product for a thorough investigation.

Please be advised that on completion of these investigations we will respond to  you in writing.

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely



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mistersnappy • September 21, 2011

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