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Stuck together biscuits

Here’s my note of complaint to those lovely people at United Biscuits, purveyors of those (almost) fine Caramel Digestives. Let’s see what the response will be…   As the manager of our office I purchased some Caramel Digestives for my new team to get our project off to a good start. Everyone was excited to…

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An open letter of complaint to Swizzels-Matlow

Dear Messers Swizzel and Matlow I have just opened one of your Swizzels-Matlow Double Lollies Dip. I was quite enjoying a bit of retro sweet goodness when I happened upon across a sugar encrusted long brunette hair, not the sort of thing you expect to find in an item of confection. I am positive that…

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Light bulb moment

Here follows a letter of complaint to Phillips regarding a faulty light bulb… To whom it may concern… I am the unfortunate owner of an 11w Phillips ‘Genie’ lightbulb that has started to fail. I’ve owned it for just over a year and it was purchased from B&Q in Watford. From what I understood of…

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