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Stuck together biscuits

Here’s my note of complaint to those lovely people at United Biscuits, purveyors of those (almost) fine Caramel Digestives. Let’s see what the response will be…


As the manager of our office I purchased some Caramel Digestives for my new team to get our project off to a good start. Everyone was excited to be here today and was gee’d up by the arrival of some quality biscuits to power ourselves through our first day. We ploughed through until tea time and cracked open the Caramel Digestives to push us on through until the end of the day when we discovered to our horror that the whole pack was stuck together into one single gelatinous lump, inedible by man or beast (with dentures). Our collective faith in your teatime treats needs restoring. 


We wait…



UPDATE: We got a letter of apology from McVities and a voucher for £6 that we spent on lots more biscuits for the office. Good job all round!


mistersnappy • September 16, 2013

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