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Light bulb moment

Here follows a letter of complaint to Phillips regarding a faulty light bulb…

To whom it may concern…

I am the unfortunate owner of an 11w Phillips ‘Genie’ lightbulb that has started to fail. I’ve owned it for just over a year and it was purchased from B&Q in Watford.

From what I understood of the information on the packaging, I should get over 10,000 hours life from this bulb. As it has been located in my downstairs toilet (with a window) and if, as your packaging claims, I am nearing the end of the life of the bulb, I would have had to spent somewhere in the region of 417 days on the toilet out of the last 365. By my calculations this would not possible.

My previous old fashioned lightbulb lasted about 3 years and costed a fraction of the price.

I wait for your response with anticipation. It’s dark in here and I’ve got a book to finish.


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mistersnappy • October 19, 2009

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