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About Lakrisal

I just got back from a weekend in Iceland with Mrs Snappy and some friends. What an amazing place. Incredible sites to see and things to eat. A weekend is just not enough time and we only explored a tiny corner of the country. Perhaps we will return once more to explore that strange land….

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An open letter of complaint to Swizzels-Matlow

Dear Messers Swizzel and Matlow I have just opened one of your Swizzels-Matlow Double Lollies Dip. I was quite enjoying a bit of retro sweet goodness when I happened upon across a sugar encrusted long brunette hair, not the sort of thing you expect to find in an item of confection. I am positive that…

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…and in with the new

I’ve had time to re-evaluate my Sherbet Fountain and rewrite the review that WordPress so rudely ate. So hear for your viewing pleasure is what I thought of the new style Sherbet Fountain… I’m sat here in front of the new style Sherbet Fountain with some trepidation. Every tube in the box was the same…

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