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I’m sure you are all eager to know the result of my short lived tête à tête with Swizzels Matlow was. I’m pleased to report that it was mostly positive. A Saturday or two ago I was awoken by the postman trying to squeeze an overly large package through the front door. I rushed to his assistance and helped him squeeze it through the entire front door and laid it carefully on the table. It was marked Swizzels Matlow and it seemed to contain a large selection of confection and a letter of explanation as to how this sherbet encrusted hair got into my Dip Dab.

I am very pleased with the response from Swizzels Matlow and the way that they dealt with this issue. On the surface you might think that I was simply bribed by an enormous parcel of sweets but this is not the case. Their letter went into great detail to explain what they had done with the hair in question (something to do with science it seems) and what their ongoing quality controls are (something to do with magnets and hair nets). I am confident that while there is a slim possibility that a hair may one day enter a Swizzels Matlow product there is no possibility that anything metallic (magnetic of course) will ever be found therein.

Because I didn’t want to appear greedy or in any way take for granted the generosity of the sweet settlement that was reached between Swizzels Matlow and myself I sent the following message to them to say thank you.



I thought I’d drop you a quick line to say thank you for the package of sweets that arrived in the post a week or so ago. More importantly I appreciate your detailed letter regarding the incident with the hair in the Dip Dab. I am confident that this was an isolated incident and certainly won’t let it ruin the relationship between Swizzels Matlow, myself and my dentist.


Once again, thanks for your response.






mistersnappy • November 30, 2011

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