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Did you think I’d forgotten about you, interwebs?

You always have time for a bit of social networking right? Especially when you’re working on the interwebs? Wrong. When you’re working so hard that your kids forget what you look like it seems that my old pals Facebook and Twitter are taking a bit of  a back seat! It’s been a while since I last imparted drivel on these fair pages so I thought I’d update you all on what I’ve been up to.

Since the end of June I’ve been working at Poke here in Shoreditch. I say here because I’m here nearly more than I’m there, where there is my actual home with the long suffering Missussnappy and the little Snappys. The work has been hard and fast but the most fun I’ve had between 9.30 and 6.30 on a weekday for a long time. I’m working with some of the most talented people in the industry making cool things like online radio shows, an iPhone app, mobile site, web site, Facebook tabs and the list goes on.

…and that’s all I wrote! Following about 2 minutes of furious typing I got caught in the day’s activities and I’m now about to finish what I started. Now where was I?


mistersnappy • August 10, 2011

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