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IKEA asked me for some feedback

I just got an email from IKEA asking me for some feedback about their delivery to my place of work last week. It was pretty appalling so I let them know what I thought…   The delivery dudes pretty much refused to deliver because they couldn’t find our office. We have a big red door…

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The Brown Flag Awards

I write about my local neighbourhood a bit and run a local twitter thing and tumblr as well. Recently one of our local parks has won a prestigious Green Flag award, celebrating exceptional parks in the UK. This is great for the borough, of course, but it looks like Harrow Council have neglected other local parks…

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Dear Spam Bots

Please stop hitting my site. It’s becoming a real drag. Thanks.

Over the Air 2013

Last weekend I took my work team off to Over the Air, mobile developers conference, in Bletchley Park. I wrote probably a bit too much about it over there. We built something cool, entered it into the competition and won our category. Not bad for a first try.

Stuck together biscuits

Here’s my note of complaint to those lovely people at United Biscuits, purveyors of those (almost) fine Caramel Digestives. Let’s see what the response will be…   As the manager of our office I purchased some Caramel Digestives for my new team to get our project off to a good start. Everyone was excited to…

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Other stuff

I photograph things of local interest in my home town of Pinner at pinnerterest.co.uk. Also, I’ve started praising or moaning about Pinner at pinnerterestblog.tumblr.com You might like to read, comment or follow.

Why the closing of The Victoria Pub in Mornington Place makes be happy.

There are some public houses that look like fun to be in, especially as you pass them of an evening. The Victoria on the corner of Mornington Place, round the back of Camden, is one of them. On a Thursday and Friday evening, especially through the summer months, the place was full to over flowing…

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I did a little post somewhere else again…

My dear blog, I’ve done a little post somewhere else when you weren’t looking. Take yourself over to the GeekDad blog and read about what we get up to at the weekend with our kids and some cool gadgets and toys. Geek Dad is now standing in its own two feet having come out from under…

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MUSE, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. I managed to get some tickets to the MUSE promotional show following the premiere of the Brad Pitt film World War Z. I’ve seen MUSE a couple of times at Wembley Stadium but the venue, Horseguards Parade in London, seemed an opportunity not to miss and what a show! What…

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I done a sad blog post here… http://terminallydisappointed.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/television-centre-telly-centre-tvc-an-obituary/

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