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IKEA asked me for some feedback

I just got an email from IKEA asking me for some feedback about their delivery to my place of work last week. It was pretty appalling so I let them know what I thought…


The delivery dudes pretty much refused to deliver because they couldn’t find our office. We have a big red door on the main road, it’s not that hard to find. It’s like saying I can’t find IKEA if I’m driving round the A406 near Wembley. He was aggressive on the phone and complained about getting a parking ticket and not being able to park right next to the door. He’s a delivery driver for goodness sake, surely he’s got all of this in hand, plus I don’t think his sat nav was working, he said he’d been driving around looking for our address for two hours. Once I’d arrange with our office manager for someone to stand with his lorry (he got tetchy when I called it a van) he then failed to actually bring much of the order up to our first floor office. I’m not sure if this was because we were more than 50 yards from his van, which he assured me was the furthest he was allowed to carry goods. He mentioned that our order weighed nearly half a ton. Maybe that’s why he was reluctant to carry it. Thankfully my helpful colleagues carried the majority of the delivery to the office, they are a good bunch and are always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty, unlike the delivery guy who would probably been happier playing Call of Duty. Given that we placed an order of over £1,500 I’d have hoped for an acceptable level of service, maybe a free bag of Daims for my trouble. In future, I’m not sure I’d rely on IKEA to give me the end to end service I had expected. It’s a shame really. Set the guy up with a working sat nav and instructions about how to deal with parking restrictions in London, coupled with more of a sense of urgency and an ability to carry heavy stuff into offices and I think everything will be good.


I wonder if I’ll get a reply, or at least a bag of Daims.

mistersnappy • March 11, 2014

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