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I was up at 4.30 this morning. Once again I feel cheated out of the 15 minutes sleep I should have had before the alarm went off. There are karma points to be had though, because the alarm didn’t go off and I didn’t wake the whole snappy household. That would have made me one popular Daddy!

The karma bank must have paid out though. The train that I got from Paddington was meant to stop and Westbury where we should have changed on to another train to Castle Cary. Joy of joys, it went straight through, no change, no wait and an early arrival at Castle Cary where the fleet of downtrodden coaches awaited to whisk me off to Worthy Farm.

You may not believe this but as I arrived at Glastonbury the sun was shining and the mud was bearable. My boots were christened in mud almost immeadiately after alighting the bus. Now it’s coulded over somewhat and a free orange poncho from Orange, no less, is order of the day.

I met up with a friend who is hobbling around on an achey leg. I’m acting as the Lou to her Andy (although I’m sure she’s not faking it!).I get to wear a pass that says ‘Personal Assistant’ and have got access to some pretty nifty shortcuts and some backstage areas. We still haven’t figured out how best to take advantage of this but I’m sure we’ll figure it out in time!!

After a traditional site walkabout I headed back to the Pyramid Stage to watch Two Door Cinema Club who did not disappoint and am now typing furiously in the Orange Chill and Charge West. The ruour is that Radiohead are the surprise act in The Park at 8.00 so I might have to ditch Morrissey in their favour. The rest of the weekends entertainment is as yet undecided.

We’re getting yelled at to move on now. Apparently I’ hogging the PC (yuk).

It should be a long night.

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mistersnappy • June 24, 2011

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