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How many things Can I find to do To avoid doing Work?

More Warhol

Warhol update: Got a reply from the Chief Curator at the Warhol Foundation who basically quoted the Catalogue Raisonne which says: Marilyn “There are some unauthorized prints, 33 1/4 x 33 1/4″ (84.5 x 84.5 cm), which were published in 1970 in different colors from the portfolio. Stamped in black on verso, published by Sunday…

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I’m after some art. I’m actually after some Warhol, (yeah right in my dreams) this stuff goes for upwards of $10,000 and then some! Now I’ve seen some screenprints sell on ebay. They are atributed to sunday b. morning, whoever that is? The story goes that a group of printers from Warhols ‘Factory’ fell out…

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I'm a little tinker

Playing around with stylesheets tonight! Don’t fully understand them, but enough to manipulate them successfully! Also the new banner, out with the MT standard and in with one of mine. I like it! Now what else can I change!?

More blogs

Another one to add to the list is www.theobviousblog.net/blog. Some good reading there!

Happy Birthday

Today is Emma’s 30th birthday. We started the day with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to you, followed swiftly by a champagne breakfast including pan au chocolat and strawberrys washed back with a drop of Moet. We’re out to eat with friends at a posh eaterie this evening. Before I forget I must remember…

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Flippin' 'ell

It’s late, I didn’t realise the time, I’d best be off to bed! Night Night


Finally it’s all re designed and launched! I have a tiddly showcase of what I can do. Check out the other stuff at www.simonkisner.com. Play with the letters, re arrange them and mail me the result! Better spread the word and get some people to read my mad musings.

nightmare day

Boy oh boy! What a day. It’s the year anniversary of September 11 so everything is a bit fraught and people are really wary about what is going on. Back to simon land (!) all seems a bit insignificant really, I’ve just had a fun packed day of troubleshooting and not getting done the things…

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In out in out….

Back in work for one day then back home, working, tomorrow! To be honest I could happily stay at home the whole time and look after the little one, but unfortunately it doesn’t pay as well as working for a living. I’ll have to come up with a plan! Next week, however, is back to…

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