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Some art answers

Got a reply from someone at Sothebys about the Sunday B Morning prints from ebay. The real ones, those are the ones with the black stamp on the back not blue, are worth a few quid but even they aren’t what they claim to be. Here is the answer I got… The Sunday B. Morning…

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More art than I can handle

Just did a bit of a skive to got to a contemporary art auction at sothebys this afternoon. It was excellent!! They were selling Hockneys, Warhols & Lichtensteins etc….. The nice people there gave me a catalogue (even though I was just a spectator) these normally sell for £25. Absolutely fascinating. I’ll be sure to…

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Bugged Out

This is possibly the coolest PC I have ever seen and I most definitely want one.

more warchalking

An interesting piece about the morallity and legality of warchalking. via warchalking.org

Cool stuff I've seen today

Today I’ve seen, and added some cool things to the weblog. Firstly I’ve joined a Blogchalking community. This is kinda like Warchalking but it shows people online and offline where the bloggers are with nifty chalked symbols and a bit of code that enables search engines to locate blogs. The other thing I saw today…

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Lots of things

The party at the weekend went like a dream, it was a total massive surprise for Emma who thought we were going home, after seeing Chtty Chitty Bang Bang, for fish and chips with my parents!!! Everyone screamed surprise when we walked in (didn’t even wake the baby!). I think Emma got the fright of…

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Back in the Bush

Finally, I’m back in Bush after a lot of nagging and persuading. All well and good I think, easier access to all the people I deal with on a daily basis, nice desk and a good spot on a newly decorated floor. There’s just one thing….. I found out that we’re moving out of the…

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New Addition

I’ve been playing around with getting live news feeds, using rss, into this site. If you mosey on down to the bottom left of this page you’ll be able to see the top 5 headlines from BBCi News. feeds info from blackbeltjones

Dodgy Business

I think there is some price fixing going on at ebay. Have reported the incident, will report back soon.

Art Update

Found another ‘after’ Warhol on ebay. Starting price is one euro, which is roughly 63p! So there are 2 and a half days to go in the auction and no one else has bid against me. Now wouldn’t that be a coup!!

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