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On Leave

The next big step… blogging from my home PC! I’m on leave from work for a few day. I was trying to figure out how to personalise the search templates but it all got a bit confusing! I’ll study the manual and perfect my technique soon. Don’t hold your breath!


New functionality added today will keep you in touch with the weather in london. Very useful, if you’re me! All the way from a site called weatherpixie.com. Although I’d like to have a weather pixie that looks like me…is that a bit odd?

24 DVD

What a right royal mess. It seems that the DVD release of 24 is incomplete! I bought it when it came out and apparently they have released the US broadcast in the UK which means that there are bits missing in the UK release of 24, bits that were not shown in the US but…

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Spreading the blog

Bruce mailed out to all Yearcoursers to remind us that it is 13 whole years since we started on our year of discovery! Decided to set up a blog at blogger so people could add messages etc… It’s not a message board but what the hell. The URL is http://yc13.blogspot.com

After the weekend

Ansel Adams at the Hayward was excellent as expected and a nice noodle supper at Wagamama followed. Still a bit tired cos the little one kept us up but we did enjoy our family trip to Woburn Safari Park yesterday, it was very cool, although there weren’t as many monkeys as I remember! But we…

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Ansel Adams

Off to the Hayward tonight with my folks to see the Ansel Adams exhibition. Very excited as I’ve said earlier. Will let you know what it was like. Bit of a cultural week, at the weekend Emma, Hannah and I went to Tate Modern to see the Matisse Picasso exhibition too!

Back in the saddle

Finally got it working, dunno why or what or how but I got it going. Thank heavens, I was just about to give up. Now I’ve got to master the templates to make it look better. But at least I’m up to date with the software version! L8r

On a roll

Hey, now I’m blogging from the homestead. It seems to be all working fine. I’ve taken all the documentation home for personalising the templates so it doesn’t look like any other MT website (not that they all look like the default!). I’ll be reading up over the weekend and coming up with some sort of…

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The afternoon after

Been working on this for a few days now and I’ve ironed out some of the creases. I’ve imported the old blog from www.blogger.com. That was an excellent place to start off, but this was the plunge I needed to take. When I have a little more time I’ll reconfigure the templates so it looks…

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Finally done it

Well I’ve finally gone and done it. http://www.simonkisner.com has finally moved to it’s new home. It now is hosted courtesy of http://www.34sp.com and the software that runs the site is here courtesy of http://www.moveabletype.org They are all lovely people with fantastic support forums, without which I would have never been able to get all this…

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