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Well it's May Day here

Well it’s May Day here in Londons ‘West End’ and there is not a crusty in sight! I was looking forward to a bit of critical mass, reclaim the streets, a good natured May Day party in Oxford Circus but no! Perhaps the police (small p!) have stamped all the good nature out of these…

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Right, I've given up with

Right, I’ve given up with Morpheus, can’t get the bloody thing working. So I’ve installed Audiogalaxy along with the adware thingy that gets rid oif the spyware. Watch out kids they are watching your every move!!! So now I can get some tunes to listen to during the day. It’s a disaster cos echo.com has…

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Here I am at the

Here I am at the begining of the second week in the new office. Its not that bad really although we aren’t getting mail and it’s a little walk from the rest of our dept, but not to worry it’s just a little bit more excercise to be had! Better keep it short and knuckle…

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Finally arrived at the new

Finally arrived at the new office, took me nearly two hours to unpack two boxes and get the stuff into and onto my new desk. It’s a bit weird not at all like where we were before but it’s only up the road so it’s not a million miles away! So as expected there are…

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I've packed up my boxes

I’ve packed up my boxes and I’m ready to go. Some poor sod is going to have to carry them to the new office over the weekend, so not to worry! Following the Chris Locke thing I’m all ready to introduce weblogs to my mates and message boards to my Intranet here at work. I’ve…

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Hey now! It's all looking

Hey now! It’s all looking lovely like the other bit of my site. Shoddy I know but hey I like it and no one else probably looks at it. That template was pretty easy to manipulate, refreshing my rusty HTML skills! well…..here we go again…..

OK I've been gone for

OK I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back now. Inspired to return by the great Chirs Locke who came to talk to us at work. Absolutely fantastic this guy talks alot of sense. If they wanna fix things and make them work better they should be asking us. I’m gonna get my head…

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this is good, I've discovered

this is good, I’ve discovered a new approach for my project that is kinda like blogger. Well the proposal in nearing completion and then it gets handed in and hopefully accepted then we can get to the more fun task of building the site. That will make me happier!

oh I haven't been here

oh I haven’t been here for ages and some one just asked me about blogger so i thought i’d blog some more, Project isn’t half as daunting as it was before but there is soo much to do an so little time. (whats new!!) I’m still at the new desk but the people around me…

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settling into my new desk

settling into my new desk and trawling the web for research, I like this blogger thing, I might tell my friend to read what I’m up to!

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