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I've packed up my boxes

I’ve packed up my boxes and I’m ready to go. Some poor sod is going to have to carry them to the new office over the weekend, so not to worry!
Following the Chris Locke thing I’m all ready to introduce weblogs to my mates and message boards to my Intranet here at work. I’ve already extolled the virtues of blogging to one of my friends who is an actor. I think it would be an excellent forum for him to blather on about things in his own inimitable style. His writing really is funny and would be a good catalyst to attract hits to his site.
As for me well I’m just tired from looking after my baby daughter. I wouldn’t mind but my Wife looks after her all day and she manages to look as fresh as a daisy where as my eyes look like two ‘black holes in the sky’!
Tomorrow I’m off with the rest of my team to some R&D facility in the middle of nowhere full of mad boffins (so I’m told), it should be cool but I’ve got to get up really early…YIKES!

mistersnappy • April 18, 2002

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