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Well it's May Day here

Well it’s May Day here in Londons ‘West End’ and there is not a crusty in sight! I was looking forward to a bit of critical mass, reclaim the streets, a good natured May Day party in Oxford Circus but no! Perhaps the police (small p!) have stamped all the good nature out of these people. They are the ones who fight for our freedom because on the most part, we can’t be bothered.
It’s the local elections tomorrow so, I’ll be out first thing to cast my vote. I can’t beleive that with all the uproar over the election in France that people here are still so apathetic about voting, they’ll be the first to complain when some right wing looney becomes their local MP!

I’ve been waiting over a week now to have my desk fixed, all it takes is a little bit of glue, I might do it myself if no one comes up to mend it! Oh I’m a bit of a winge pants today, probably mostly to do with a lack of sleep, must correct that by having a really early night tonight.

mistersnappy • May 1, 2002

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