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I am a slack blogger!

I am a slack blogger! What can I say. Today is The Missus and I’s second anniversary. 2 years and one baby on we are still as strong as ever. Big cards abound this morning. I’m just off to pick up a large bunch of fleurs and later we’ll be off for a slap up…

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Everyone is moving back to

Everyone is moving back to the old office and I get to stay here! Well it’s either that or join the management team, and who really wants to join the management team!! I’m going upstairs with the support guys, can’t be all bad. Tried to persuade my boss to get me an assistant to ease…

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Ansel Adams at 100 is

Ansel Adams at 100 is on at the Hayward Gallery. A true hero of mine and a fantastic creator of the image. His work introduced me to the phrase ‘to create and image’ as opposed to ‘taking a photo’. I’ll visit this exhibition then harp on about it for ages!

Today is mega strike day,

Today is mega strike day, Hurrah!! Makes me happy I don’t use the Underground. Having said that I got the slow train today because there was mysterious overhead power line faults in my area. Strange how this always happens on a strike day. So all the fast trains are cancelled and everyone is trying desperately…

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Deary deary me, it's been

Deary deary me, it’s been a while, I must have been working too hard. I’m in the process of moving my Intranet to a more sensible location and many other projects besides so this poor blog has taken a back seat!! It’s probably something to do with my advancing years you see as I’ll be…

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The problems at the actor

The problems at the actor site have been solved! The blog over there is back on track. I’ve racked my brains and scoured the code until I saw the error of its ways! Hurrah, I can now go to bed and get some kip before the Ireland game tomorrow and the England game on Friday……….c’mon…

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Blogging is so popular that

Blogging is so popular that my daughter has one herself!

Grrrr, a bit frustrated, so

Grrrr, a bit frustrated, so much to do, little time. I like my job don’t get me wrong, but do you ever get the feeling that you have so much ‘bread and butter’ stuff to do that takes up all of your time you never get around to doing the development and interesting stuff. And…

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I'm proud to announce that

I’m proud to announce that Marcus has take my advice and launched two blogs that will eventually feature in his website. The first blog is his online journal and the other one is his forthcoming gigs. Just seen a typo in the other days blog so I’d better fix it!

Blogging from home in the

Blogging from home in the middle of the night, does that mean I’m a proper Blogger!! Attempted working from home again for the first time since last weeks disasterous network incident in which my PC nearly ended up flat and spead over a large area of Holborn under a bus. Seemed to be working fine…

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