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Today is mega strike day,

Today is mega strike day, Hurrah!! Makes me happy I don’t use the Underground. Having said that I got the slow train today because there was mysterious overhead power line faults in my area. Strange how this always happens on a strike day. So all the fast trains are cancelled and everyone is trying desperately trying to pack themselves onto the slow train, and the further we go on our journey the more people are trying to squeeze themselves on. I’m surprised there wasn’t a fight to be honest! Luckily I had a seat.
Since the last time I wrote I have advanced in years, well one to be precise. I am now the grand old age of 31 which didn’t stop me being the lucky recipient of some good quality toys for my birthday. Firstly the Gameboy Advance is the coolest present from the missus and my already net savvy daughter. Unbelievably my folks bought a joint cool present for the missus and I, a top notch digital camera! All this on top of finally getting a decent TV. Altogether a mega techno week!! I still haven’t had enough time to play with everything yet though!

mistersnappy • July 18, 2002

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