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Well hello!

The niggling voice inside my head keeps saying,’ You paid for that hosting why don’t you bloody use it!’. Well I set up a hosted blog elsewhere and it was a lot easier than in the old days when I was using Moveable Type, so I have gone back to using a hosted version of WordPress rather than their own online version on WordPress.com. That’s not to say that the WordPress.com version wasn’t any good because it was excellent and I highly recommend it. It’s just that now I’ve set a proper blog up for someone else and been able to utilise the domain name to it’s fullest, it seems silly not to do it for myself, so I did.

So here I present the new and slightly improved mistersnappy.co.uk, still going after 9 years. It will be updated as infrequently as ever and I’m sure I’ll get bored by this theme by the end of the week, so please enjoy it, dear reader.


mistersnappy • March 17, 2010

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