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Other stuff

I photograph things of local interest in my home town of Pinner at pinnerterest.co.uk. Also, I’ve started praising or moaning about Pinner atĀ pinnerterestblog.tumblr.com You might like to read, comment or follow.

I did a little post somewhere else again…

My dear blog, I’ve done a little post somewhere else when you weren’t looking. Take yourself over to the GeekDad blogĀ and read about what we get up to at the weekend with our kids and some cool gadgets and toys. Geek Dad is now standing in its own two feet having come out from under…

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Only a couple of weeks to go now. I’ve finally managed to get the WordPress app working on my iPhone. So batteries permitting I’m all set to be blogging from my tent.

Well hello!

The niggling voice inside my head keeps saying,’ You paid for that hosting why don’t you bloody use it!’. Well I set up a hosted blog elsewhere and it was a lot easier than in the old days when I was using Moveable Type, so I have gone back to using a hosted version of…

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