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The grass is greener

So now I’m at my new job. I’ve moved from West London to East London, from a big corporation to a small collective. The trousers are baggier and the t-shirts are more expressive. I’m now a Senior Producer at milo creative who are based in Hoxton E2.

I’m in week two and here is what I’ve learned.

  • Changing jobs was the right thing to do
  • The work is more challenging, more creative and most of all more fun
  • There is life outside the WC canteen and you don’t have to have fish and chips every Friday
  • You can keep in touch with the cool people from your old job even though you all work in different places
  • I can’t go on having vegetable curry from the Japanese Canteen because I’ll kill my diet and bust my trousers
  • Macs are good

The things that have irritated me so far

  • My previous employer thinks I still work for them
  • Apparently I’m going to get paid by them on Friday (good times), but I’m going to have to give the money back next month (bad times).
  • My journey to work doesn’t take as long as I thought it would but come term time the roads are going to be clogged
  • Trains are horrid

So far so good. There are lots of people nearby to lunch with and hopefully the old crew will come up occasionally for lunch or a beer.

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mistersnappy • August 13, 2008

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