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I worked at Television Centre. It was the best place ever!

I’ve knocked around the BBC the best part of my life due to the fact that my dad worked there for ever. When I went to study photography at Sandwell College in Wednesbury/West Bromwich we were required to organise work experience for both years of the course. The first year I did a week with the…

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I done a sad blog post here… http://terminallydisappointed.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/television-centre-telly-centre-tvc-an-obituary/


For your listening pleasure, here is a recording straight off the radio, of the launch of the very first Space Shuttle that was numbered STS-1. NASA are just about to launch the final Shuttle in to orbit, numbered STS-135, on July 8th, so I thought this would be a good way to remember how far they’ve…

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Mercury Freedom 7

A long time ago there was a cupboard in a curious little boy’s bedroom. It was a cupboard that contained technology from a bygone era and media to match. I remember when my Dad let me loose on his reel to reel tape player, about the same time as I got my first tape recorder….

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I’m Proud of the BBC

Get this song to number one!!


Just over a week ago I said goodbye to my former employers, those seriously playful folk (no not the Jameson ones!), with a tear in my eye. Could have been raining, or maybe it was the whiskey chasers, who knows. Either way I am now what some would politely describe as ‘inbetween jobs’. So what…

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I am not a Spook

I am not a Spook, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. OK, so I met Harry Pearce the once in 2005 but I don’t know where he is now. Harry Pearce, last seen in the boot of a car. www.bbc.co.uk/spooks

Do these people ever learn.

Another talented and experienced staffer is sacrificed at the altar of Thompson and the BBC. Will these people ever learn. Instead of spending all your time apologising whenever something goes wrong, get some balls and stand up for and stand by your staff. Listen to Thompson squirm and tell me why it’s not time for…

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The grass is greener

So now I’m at my new job. I’ve moved from West London to East London, from a big corporation to a small collective. The trousers are baggier and the t-shirts are more expressive. I’m now a Senior Producer at milo creative who are based in Hoxton E2. I’m in week two and here is what…

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Morning Reviews and iPlayer

While sitting on the Tube desperately trying to avoid falling into the jaws of sleep after another wakeful night thanks to one mini me or the other, I forget which, I was struck by a realisation. It always seemed peculiar to me to have reviews of last nights TV in the morning free sheet to…

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