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noun: [Kam-Stel]

Any cover that can be fitted to a mobile phone, specifically a sock type cover.

Usually before I go to bed I put my mobile phone on the side where I won’t miss it and subsequently forget it in the morning. I try to remember to pop it in it’s little sock to keep it from getting scratched but the other morning I forgot and left the sock and phone lying next to each other.

As per usual on a school morning, things tend to be a little chaotic in our house, with the kids rushing to get ready and being herded by us. Little mini (3) me got downstairs early and did a little reccy to see if anything was different (as kids do?). She picked up the separate phone and sock and presented them to me saying “You forgot to put your phone in it’s camstel.” She was quite please that she’d reminded me to do something important, but I was more impressed by this new word ‘camstel’. I quizzed her on it to see if she’d made a mistake and meant something else, but she assured me that the little green sock I should have popped my phone into was called a camstel. Not a sock or a case or sleeve or anything that might be preceeded by the word phone or mobile phone, just camstel. Undettered by my daughters apparent lack of confusion I checked this word out in the Oxford English Dictionary (printed in 1984!) to see if this word actually exsists and it didn’t. Later on I also checked it out online and as a proper noun it doesn’t exsist either.

So there you have it. If you want to get something to protect your mobile phone, you should be looking for a camstel. I got mine on eBay for £4.99. They came in 6 different colours and the postage was free!


mistersnappy • February 27, 2008

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