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Today, a proud man I stand. My team has triumphed in a little respected competition, but has gained a new trinket for their cold and bare trophy room.

That’s right folks, as well as being able to boast for the next 8 years that we beat the Arse’ 5-1 this season, we can also boast that not only did we beat Chelsea again, but we did it in style and at Wembley. The first cup since 1999 and it was worth waiting for.

Unlike previous visits to Wembley, I wasn’t able to watch this one on TV. I don’t watch enough sport to warrant getting the sports package on Sky so I had to get my live updates elsewhere today.

As a kid I always remember my Dad taking great pleasure in listening to his cricket and football on the radio rather than watching it on TV. Up until recently my father-in-law used to watch his Arsenal matches on the TV with the sound down and the radio up! So today I split my listening between the FiveLive website and my DAB radio. When listening to the most part of regular time online I could still feel a flicker of youth inside me but when I got shunted off the PC by my 3 year old I had to retreat to the ‘wireless’ DAB for the extra time. I have to say it did feel a little weird being hunched up over the radio but I did get into it quite quickly, trying to visualise the field in my mind and imagining the game progressing through tired legs and a desperation to win.

Obvioulsy online I can listen and surf from the sports pages to the Spurs website and back while listening to the radio online. You have stuff to fill most of your senses. But when it’s just you and the little box you have to retreat to the old skool and go back to a place when it was just you, your radio and whatever your brain can conjure up, and you know what, it’s still that good.

Up the Lillywhites!

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mistersnappy • February 24, 2008

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