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Morning Reviews and iPlayer

While sitting on the Tube desperately trying to avoid falling into the jaws of sleep after another wakeful night thanks to one mini me or the other, I forget which, I was struck by a realisation.

It always seemed peculiar to me to have reviews of last nights TV in the morning free sheet to read on the way into work on the tube. Are the editorial staff of Metro trying to taunt me by telling me how good last nights TV was? Having said that, sometimes they make me feel a little better by telling me how shite it was making me somewhat happier that I didn’t waste 60 minutes of my life watching the live episode of ‘Two pints of larger…’, although that might have been quite good, I forget!

So what has changed? Well the advent of iPlayer, 4OD et all. Now having reviews in the morning papers suddenly makes sense. It’s like all this time they were pointlessly telling me about TV that was so good, I’m never likely to ever see it again once I’d missed in the night before, but now I can. Never mind the big step forward in technology,  now I can read the review for something I’ve missed and log on to bbc.co.uk/iplayer or channel4.com/4od and get instant access to the show I missed. And enjoy it or not, I can still book my place at the watercooler, even if it is a day or two late!

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mistersnappy • February 24, 2008

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