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Planet Glasto

Planet Glasto, originally uploaded by mistersnappy.

OK, I promise, this is the last Glastonbury post this year. I’m quickly becoming a Glasto bore, I know. But indulge me one last time.
One of the reasons I wanted to go was to take some photos, and while I didn’t manage to separate the time out effectively to just watch people instead of watching bands, I did get a chance to run off a quick and dirty composite photo of the most spectacular view of the site (city) from above the famous stone circle.
In case you were in any doubt I did a little photoshopping on the panorama to make it into its own little planet, because effectively it is. A popular question before I went was “What if you forget anything?”, well what if I do. More to the point what if you do, where would you go? You’d go to the shops and so would I. For a temporary city that appears for just under a week each year, it’s pretty much self supporting. You’d never need to leave the site for anything and if you run out or, heaven forbid, forgot anything, you could find a shop, store or stall that would service your needs in a mainstream or alternative fashion.
So for all of you concerned people and for those that have blasted off there before, here for your viewing pleasure is Planet Glastonbury.

mistersnappy • July 1, 2010

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