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Today was returns day. I had a niggle with a power cable for my MacBookPro. After having it for 6 months the Apple end of the power supply started to come away to reveal the bare wire. Potential health and safety disaster there! So I had to call those lovely folk at Apple who were only too happy to relieve me of my CC details and send me out a new power supply on the agreement that I’d send them back my old one. If I failed to do so within the allotted time then they would charge my CC. But nevertheless it arrived today.
I also replaced my Kodak point and shoot camera, which I killed with a large beer glass, last November. Because I’ve been getting on with taking photos with my big camera, film cameras and my phone I’ve not had it out of the box until about 3 weeks ago. I used it a little to carry around in my bag and snap things along the way and to be honest it’s awful. The last one was 6mp and was fine. This one was the same but 8mp so I thought that it would be a significant improvement on the last one, but how wrong can you be. It was soft and grainy and generally a poor camera. I couldn’t even justify it as lomo! Hence a polite email went back to Amazon and they unsurprisingly bounced me back to Kodak, who couldn’t have been less interested in their poor quality products if they tried. So I called the Amazon 0800 number and spoke to a polite person in a far off land who approved a return and refund. Within 10 seconds of putting the phone down I’d received an email with a prepay label and instructions and off I went to prepare for my visit to the Post Office.
I wrapped the camera up in a crappy old Jiffy Bag and the old power supply had to be put in the box the new one came in and put into a prepay bag from Apple. I popped up the road to leave the parcels with the local Postmistress without a penny spent and all I have to worry about now is whether they’ll arrive at their destinations (they are insured I think!) and what I’m going to replace my camera with.

Might just go for a solid Canon A470.

Job done.

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mistersnappy • February 27, 2009

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  1. catoni February 28, 2009 - 10:22 am

    I’d just love to read the email that you sent!

  2. catoni February 28, 2009 - 10:22 am

    I’d just love to read the email that you sent!

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