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mistersnappy, where have you been?

You may have been wondering why my ability to make social arrangements has gone down the toilet since I started work at Milo Creative. For the last 7 months I’ve been working on a series of fantastic films with fascinating people for 9 of the most respected museums in the UK. The project is called Creative Spaces and it is the first social networking platform to be build around the museum’s collections. It allows you to browse the online collections, research your favourite objects and then share your thoughts and findings with others.

My corner of the project was continuing the good work of my colleague Elena and creating a body of almost 30 films showcasing artists, designers, photographers and others who have a deep rooted passion for objects in these museum collections. We’ve worked with people like Vivienne Westwood, Ian Hislop and Gerald Scarfe, all of which were both charming and happy to share stories about their lives and how they have been inspired by the objects or collections of their chosen museum.

I have to say that I’ve learnt an enormous amount over the last few months and have been very lucky to spend time with some of the most intersting people I’ve ever met.

You can check out the full body of films here

For the time poor among you, you can watch our promo film here

and you can read more about the Creative Spaces project at the Milo Creative site here

Now… find me another film to make!

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mistersnappy • March 4, 2009

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