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The BBC Diary – An Obituary

Following the sad departure of BBC Technology, BBC Broadcast and the 10 year service award, we received news recently of the passing of the BBC diary. As a child I recall the delivery of the BBC diary as an annual event in our house. My Father would bring home his new navy blue diary, smartly embossed…

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“Photographers continue to go out into the world in order to photograph life today. Their motives and their methods vary: Colour or Black or White, lightweight 35mm versus heavyweight view camera, film versus digital. But what they have in common is a watchful attentiveness to the world and its ways. They see the things we miss…

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In the light of last weeks news about the potential sale of BBC Television Centre in London, I thought I’d post a clip by Jon Jacobs that echos my feeling about working at White City and for the BBC.  [youtube=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-VjOi4kavNQ] Join the Facebook group opposing the sale of TVC and sign the petition too.

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