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Passover Fact 2

Passover Fact 2, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. For the last 2 nights we’ve been talking about how the Children of Israel came out of Egypt. It took them a long long time and obviously you need to explain to the kiddie winkies that they didn’t actually have Sat Nav in those days. Somewhere along the…

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Passover Fact 1

Passover Fact 1, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. To ease the annual discomfort that is the Jewish festival of Passover, or Pesach to the initiated, I aim to post a single Passover fact each day for your viewing a reading pleasure. At least these are facts according to me [disclaimer!] Today’s factoid is… whatever you do…

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Well hello!

The niggling voice inside my head keeps saying,’ You paid for that hosting why don’t you bloody use it!’. Well I set up a hosted blog elsewhere and it was a lot easier than in the old days when I was using Moveable Type, so I have gone back to using a hosted version of…

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Stop listening to diluted Glee cover versions. Check out the originals in all of their dubious glory! http://bit.ly/coit9I You’ll need Spotify to listen.

Ask me a question

Hey you… reader… yes you… I know there’s no one else there cos you’re the only one who visits. So here’s a thing, you now have the opportunity to pick my brain, but you’d better be quick cos there’s not much to go around. So head over to http://www.formspring.me/mistersnappy and ask me anything and I’ll…

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Perigee Moon

Perigee Moon, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. Tonight the Moon is the biggest and brightest it will be for all of 2010 and it’s accompanied to it’s left by a nice shiny red Mars. I, of course, am still struggling with taking any decent photos of the night sky. Apparently my little Canon 300D is good…

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Sweety Based Analog Hack

Sweety based analog hack, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. Oh looky. Here is the first draft Sherbet Fountain flashlight complete with push button switch, bright white LED and batteries inside. Needs a little refining though 🙂


…and in with the new

I’ve had time to re-evaluate my Sherbet Fountain and rewrite the review that WordPress so rudely ate. So hear for your viewing pleasure is what I thought of the new style Sherbet Fountain… I’m sat here in front of the new style Sherbet Fountain with some trepidation. Every tube in the box was the same…

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Out with the old…

Out with the old, originally uploaded by mistersnappy. I’ve visited my local Sherbet Fountain supplier to find that they are one tube short of finishing their supply of old skool Sherbet Fountains, so I took the opporunity to purchase one of each to compare and contrast the experiences. On hearing the news that Barrat were…

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Who took the passion out of mechanics?

Let me preface this by saying that in no way am I, or have I ever been a grease monkey. I just don’t have the aptitude for it. I can swap out parts and work under close supervision but that is the extent of my adventures into car mechanics. Having said that I absolutely understand…

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