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I was not happy the other day when I picked up my old iPod to find that the screen had cracked. On further investigation it turned out that the battery pack had ‘blown’ and cracked the screen from inside the iPod itself. I wanted to see if I could rescue it because I’d won it in a work competition and it has sentimental value, so I went online to see if I could replace the parts and it seemed that this was indeed possible.
Those helpful folk at http://www.parts4ipods.com/ were able to supply both a replacement LCD screen and a new battery, both, I might add, look like original parts, for a total of £14.99 and to top that, the postage was free. I ordered them both yesterday and they arrived by first class mail this morning, so a big thank you for the prompt dispatch and the near miraculous delivery from the Royal Mail!

The next part was always going to be touch and go but a clear instruction video courtesy of YouTube came to rescue. This one showed my how to dismantle the iPod and fit both the battery and the screen, which, with a little bit of fiddling, I completed successfully.
So as you can see from the photo, the screen and battery have been replaced and I’m playing music once more from my old faithful. Yay!

mistersnappy • October 5, 2010

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