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If only someone would pay me…

I’m back at the Orange Chill ‘n Charge tent but this time I’ve taken up the kind offer of @conorfromorange who invited Glastonbury bloggers to the backstage area behind the Chill ‘n Charge tent, and I can ┬átell you I’m glad I did!.

For the uninitiated, the Chill ‘n Charge tent is a bipartisan charging facility for the power hungry music fans at Glastonbury. Everyone is invited to wait their turn to juice up their phone and watch some music on their mini Pyramid Stage and partake in a little surfing of the old internet too (cos we can’t go without it, not for a whole weekend!).

A few weeks ago Conor tweeted that any bloggers going to Glasto should msg him and let him know, cos he was opening up the backstage area to them as well. Usually this space is reserved for newspaper hacks to write up their gossip and news and send it back to base, but this year Conor and Orange wanted to be nice to bloggers and that they are.

I was welcomed in and shown around and offered a towel. This is my 3rd Glastonbury and each one brings a new experience. This year’s experience is the shower. It might sound like a small thing but a shower after 2 days in the dustbowl that is Worthy Farm is a welcome relief! I might add that I’m not complaining that it’s a dust bowl because the sun and definitely better than the usual swamp that greets visitors to the festival. With temperatures peaking at 30 degrees a nice hot shower and a clean toilet (sorry, too much information) is like staying in a 5 star hotel. To top this generosity I’ve also been given a few free drinks (JD and Coke!) and access to a reasonable internet connection and a lap top.

Backstage here is truly lush and I might even come back later for a proper chill but at the moment I’m just coming down from the buzz that was 20,000 people pack into the Avalon Field to see The Wurzels! I’m missing The Dead Weather to write this little blog entry but hope to catch the end of their set before chipping off to The Park for tonights surprise guest, Biffy Clyro! Last night we were thrilled by Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood before seeing a sadly mediocre set by Gorillaz, but hey, it was a last minute thing and seeing Lou Reed, Shaun Ryder and Mark E Smith on the same bill was pretty good all the same.

So I wrote a little thing for the Wired Geek Dad blog about Orange’s phone charging wellies and I’ve updated you all, now I’d just like someone to pay me to do this. Now that would be cool!!

Maybe they’ll let me in again for more free drinks and internet access tomorrow night but until then I’ve got 64% battery on my phone to last me until then!

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mistersnappy • June 26, 2010

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