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Passover Fact 6

Passover Fact 6, originally uploaded by mistersnappy.

On the first two days of Passover we partake in a family evening meal accompanied by a religious service where we recall the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt. Well at least when there are parents present. When we all pile round to friends houses it can get a little raucous and the traditional service goes out the window and is replaced by comedy passover songs downloaded from the Internet. Yes, the Internet is the new Hagadah! Wine forms an important part of the seder service. You are obliged to drink four cups (small unfortunately) of wine, or grape juice for the kiddies, over the course of the services. Of course, as the week drags on you pine for more wine in bigger glasses until you can take it no more.
Here we are, day 6 and we’ve found the biggest wine glasses we can and are reliving the seder service without the songs, or the religious significance or the food, bar a stack of chocolate but not forgetting the four glasses, each.
2 days to go!

mistersnappy • April 13, 2010

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