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Sunday B. Morning – The Truth

OK, so I think this is the truth! I emailed the chap at the sunadaybmorning website and recieved a very interesting reply that ties up all sorts of loose ends and fills in a load of blanks! This is information all potential buyers of Sunday B Morning prints from places like Ebay should know.
For the details of the email click the ‘more’ link below.

The content of the reply went as follows:

I am a piece of a legacy of Sunday B. Morning. I worked together with some of the original men that started with Sunday B. Morning.
These men were friends of Andy Warhol. I saw tons of photographs of them together with Andy. One died some few years ago, and I started working with his brother who still had an existing stock of prints. This stock is long time ago sold out, unfortunately.
One of the founders of Sunday B. Morning was the Belgian MR. Van
De Plas (has past away in the late eighties).
He was also the one that invited Andy Warhol to Belgium to meet Hergé (father of the comic strip Tintin) and Paul Delvaux in the eighties.
The name Sunday B. Morning is still a mistery : I have heard many things from some of the original crew…”On a Sunday Belgian Morning”…”Sunday Bloody Morning”…nobody could ever give me the right answer.

The prints now sold are not made with the original screens. These are still existing in a secret place, not being used for the moment, in a central European country, well know for its banks.
No prints being offered on the market (except the old original Sunday B. morning prints) have been printed recently on these screens. I can assure you that!!
Now they are again being printed, everything OK with rights and so on.
In the catalogue Raisonnée they are speaking about the original prints
with the black stamps. We are now using Blue stamps to show the difference, we don’t want sell recent prints as old ones and lie to the customers. We don’t want to pretend these are the original ones. We have to be honest with our customers.
I can assure you that most of the men on the net presenting the prints, have
bought them from us (My friend and I).
Somethimes there are prints being offered that are not worth the paper they
are being printed on. I saw everything on the market, about 4-5 different fake editions I know.

I hope this helps any potential buyers out there.

This information comes via www.sundaybmorning.com

mistersnappy • November 18, 2002

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  1. Mike January 29, 2003 - 4:39 pm

    I still have to send you a Marilyn Monroe print, what color would you have liked ?

  2. Henk July 30, 2003 - 1:27 pm

    I bought from a reputed antiques dealer in Antwerp (Galerie Blondeel, Leopoldstraat) a Marilyn Monroe print in the very early seventies (I have no memory anymore about the seventies!). Bernard Blondeel stated me that it was NOT a print signed nor authorisezd by Andy WXarhol, but a more or less illegal print. On the back were the stamps “Sunday…” and “Fill in …”. The print was never frames, so it was damaged over e period of 360 years, now it is framed. Interest?

  3. Anonymous September 17, 2003 - 8:04 am


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