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Twitter Revolution and Foreign Policy

In an article in the Guardian Gordon Brown talks about how the internet allows people in oppressed nations tell their stories to the masses. He says that this this internet revolution gives people the opportunity to let their views be known and talks about this as if it’s new, like today new, like he’s just found out about it. He says, ‘Foreign Policy can never be the same again’. I bet that’s a right pain the in the arse Mr Brown!

The more I read this article, the more I think that isn’t actually what he’s talking about. What he’s really saying is that the advent of forums and platforms such as mobile phones, the internet, twitter and youtube mean that poor old Mr Brown and his political cohorts can no longer ignore these actual revolutions around the world, in our names, and without our knowledge. Popular media is enabling people in the midst of these political crises to get the word out and now it is us, the direct recipients of this mostly first hand information, who are applying pressure to governments world wide to take action, and sometimes taking action ourselves. No longer can the international political community ignore and keep quiet about incidents such as┬áthe Iranian elections and pass them off as ‘domestic incidents’ in which they can not be involved. They will find it increasingly difficult to brush oppression and war under the carpet and control the images that appear on our screens.

While some believe that social media is being used to subvert information that comes out of places like Iran, the constant stream of comment, photos and video will become increasingly difficult to ignore. We are now in a position that despite what the news agenda is, the social media universe will define it’s own agenda and will give a voice to people when the mainstream media have moved on to the latest celebrity boob job.

Social media has many faults and is still very much in its infancy but used in the right way it give power to the powerless and a voice to those that some would prefer silent.

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mistersnappy • June 22, 2009

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