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A Week of Action

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As well as fighting for the rights of the regular biker I was a passing onlooker to a G20 protester eviction. Although we were held back at a ‘safe’ distance by police I was able to snatch a few shots of the unfolding story where a group of protesters had been squatting in a property near Liverpool Street and were about to be evicted by an unnecessarily large number of riot police.
From where I stood it wasn’t apparent that any of the squatters were in a position to be a threat to the incoming police, apart from verbally, and their presence was most certainly intended to intimidate and scare the squatters into giving up their place in that property.
The whole operation seemed to go off quite peacefully and from what has been widely reported, most of the squatters were released without charge. More here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7978105.stm
In true British style this became a bit of a freak show for office workers on their lunchtime trying to grab some shots on mobile phones. You might say my set of photos is no different but I have tried to capture a series of events unfolding as a photo essay rather than an act of entertaining voyeurism.
Until May Day…

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mistersnappy • April 2, 2009

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