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For those about to rock…

For those about to rock…, originally uploaded by mistersnappy.

On the night that the Astoria and Astoria 2 close their doors for ever, I’m taking a little trip down memory lane to 1995. Back in the days when I was a freelance photographer I photographed The Amps featuring Kim Deal at the Astoria 2.
I saw my first gig at The Astoria (Voice of the Beehive), and possibly the best gig I’ve ever seen at the Astoria 2 was the Foo Fighters up close and personal.
It’s a sad day for the London music scene that these venues are to close and even if they live up to their promise of replacing them with a more modern music venue there will be nothing to match the sticky floors and pints in plastic cups of The Astoria.

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mistersnappy • January 15, 2009

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