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The BBC Diary – An Obituary

Following the sad departure of BBC Technology, BBC Broadcast and the 10 year service award, we received news recently of the passing of the BBC diary.

As a child I recall the delivery of the BBC diary as an annual event in our house. My Father would bring home his new navy blue diary, smartly embossed with the BBC lozenges, along with an extra one for my Mother (you could get one for your wife/partner in those days). They diligently transfered birthdays and phone numbers from their current diaries to the next years and then used them throughout the year to record arrangements, work schedules and events of import.

The BBC diary is unique in that it contained a variety of BBC specific information, only of use to those lucky enough to work here. Addresses and phone numbers (and laterly email addresses) of all BBC premises across the UK were accompanied by first aid and medical emergency information, the date of the annual Corporation Day and the brithdays of all past DGs. The BBC diary knew how to keep up with the times.

The BBC Diary grew up an only child but was drawn into a larger family in later life. Joined by it’s slim and pocket varieties the BBC diary evolved into a wall calendar and even created extra value through the 15 month calendar complete with its system of BBC weeks. During the late 80’s and early 90’s the BBC diary was joined by its distant cousin the Filofax diary, but with the decline of the Yuppie and the advent of the New Labour government this dairy was lost at a young age. The grand daddy of them all was the A4 day per page diary that sat majestically on many a desk, guiding its proud owner through their daily tasks.

Over the years the BBC diary existed in a range of colours. Its early years were marked by a classic navy blue but as it grew older it grew bolder in its annual outfit. Colours of note include an icky green, a blood curdling red and a peculiar brown which, it was claimed, had no pantone reference at all.

At this sad time we send our best wishes for the wellbeing of the BBC Club, BBC Resources and the holy grave of Petra, the original fake Blue Peter dog.

The BBC diary leaves behind the BBC calendar.

Quote about the BBC Diary:

“I have had a few big fat desk diaries over the years, usually because some firm has given me a big fat one for free. For three years I had a BBC diary. Huge thing. What a mistake. Now, on the shelf where I keep my 40 years of life lined up, the BBC diaries stick out, ruining the symmetry.”

Comment: All you need is life – and a decent diary
Independent, The (London),  Dec 13, 1999  by Hunter Davies  http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_19991213/ai_n14264691





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