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On Paris

An awful, terrible thing happened. People changed their profile pictures on Facebook to the French flag in solidarity, yet this has sparked a lot of hate. My timeline is filled with hate. Hate because they didn’t support one nation when they needed it. Hate because they recognised one organisation not as others may view them. Hate for not doing the same for other similarly horrific events elsewhere in the world. You are losing sight of one thing. People died. People. Not politicians. Not soldiers. Not religious fundamentalists. People. People who went out for dinner with friends or relatives. People who went for a coffee after a week at work. People who went to see a rock band play. People who have the right to go about their everyday business much like you and I. In fact exactly like you and I. They are not representative of their government, of their overseas military campaigns or of any religous group. They were just people on a night out. Human beings living their every day lives. So don’t appropriate this hideous event for political gain. Don’t make it all about you. Don’t try to score points because my atrocity is worse than your atrocity. Don’t. Just don’t.

mistersnappy • November 16, 2015

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