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This is not a game. This is not a film.

I saw a piece of video footage yesterday. I watched it once*. That was enough. I couldn’t bring myself to share it. To expose anyone else to what I had just seen. It was of a car being driven into a bus stop where people were waiting. Two of the people ran away in fear and the third, while stunned, was attacked by the driver with a meat cleaver. The attackerĀ hacked several times before the victim fell to the ground and then he hacked some more. A bystander approached the attacker, pulled out a handgun and shot the attacker in the lower part of his body. The attacker fell to the ground but still had the energy to roll over and attempt to hack at the victim again. The bystander shot at the attacker once more. The attacker pulled himself up and tried to reach his car but was shot again and fell to the ground. At this point police, off duty soldiers and local people were running towards the bus stop to provide assistance. It all happened in seconds. That’s where the footage ended.

You would be forgivenĀ for thinking that this was footage for a video game. GTA maybe. Or a Tarantino film. While I have nothing against those genres of entertainment I feel that when we are confronted with the horrors of the past week in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities we’ve become desensitised to what we’re seeing, but they are real horrors. Random knife attacks on civilian populations in a westernised society, in cities that are like the ones that you live in. Those people who are in fear of attack are my friends, my family. This is not a game. This is not a film.


  • The footage has been published on The Sun’s website. It’s terrible but it’s here for reference.

mistersnappy • October 14, 2015

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